Taking Care of  your Precious Hollands
Holland Lop Care - Hillsboro Hollands
We are asked a lot of questions about how to care for a Holland Lop.  They are not
like other rabbits. So here is some general care information for Hollands.  We are
not veterinarians.  This advice is just based on experience.
Basic Holland Care
Hollands should be fed between 1/3 and 1/2 cup of pellets each
day.  It is better to feed pellets in the evening because the heat
breaks down the minerals in the feed.  
Water is the most important part of a rabbit's diet.  Always make
sure that your Holland has plenty of clean, fresh water.
Hollands can have timothy hay, brome or prairie hay.  But do not
feed them alfalfa.  It is too rich and will cause digestive problems.  A
Holland can have all of the hay it can eat as long as he continues to
eat his pellets.
It is tempting to feed your cute Holland a lot of snacks.  Too many
snacks can cause your Holland to become sick and possibly die.  Do
not ever feed a Holland lettuce.  Lettuce has too much moisture
and will cause a Holland to get sick.  Once your Holland is 6 months
old you can feed him the following snacks on a limited basis (once
per week):  5 or 6 Cheerios, plain oats, a cracker,  a one inch slice
of banana, or a one inch slice of carrot.
Holland Care
Three Little Ladies has excellent articles on basic Holland care.  
Basic Holland Care
Health Issues
Sick Rabbits & Common
Fuzzy Rabbit has wonderful information about
caring for a sick rabbit.  
If your Holland develops diarrhea, fast action on
your part is necessary.  Remove all pellets from
your Holland.  Give him lots of hay and a small piece
of banana.  
Digestive Health
Hay is very important in maintaining a Holland's
digestive tract.  This will help prevent diarrhea
which can sometimes be fatal.  It also prevents
Overheating or Dehydration
This is very hard on a Holland.  Prevention is best
medicine.  Make sure your hutch is in a shady area.  
You can also put an ice bottle in your Holland's
hutch.  If your Holland does overheat, bring it into a
cool place at once.  You can tell your Holland is
overheated when it is panting extra hard and its
nose is wet.  Once your Holland is in a cool place,
wet its ears with water or a piece of ice.  Rabbits
sweat through their ears. This will help them cool
down.  Then give your Holland water.
Rabbit is not Eating
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Rabbit Not Eating
Health Concerns
Kim's Rabbit Hutch has great information about  
rabbit health problems and what to watch for.  
Health Concerns
Weather Issues
Sarah Giers has an article about how different
types of weather affect rabbits.  
Weather Issues
General Health
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Holland health.  
Holland Health
Wry Neck
Barbi Brown's site has detailed information about
how to diagnose and treat wry neck.  
Wry Neck