Holland Lop Show Standards
Holland Lop Show Standard - Hillsboro Hollands
84 points
32 points
24 points
10 points
Bone, Feet, Legs
10 points
8 points
7 points
4 points
5 points
Below is abbreviated version of the standard for Holland Lops.  To see the full version
please refer to the ARBA Standard of Perfection guide.   To see an illustrated  guide of the  
Holland Lop standard view:  
 Hollands Illustrated
Holland Lops are shown in two
classifications - broken pattern & solid
pattern.  They are judged based on the
table listed to the right.
Hollands will be shown as seniors and
juniors.  Senior bucks & does are over 6
months of age and not over 4 pounds.  
Junior bucks & does are under 6 months
of age with a minimum weight of 2
             Body (32 points):  
The general aspect of the body is short,
massive and thick set.  The shoulders
and chest should broad and well filled.  
The shoulders should be deep with
depth carried back to the hindquarters.  
The width of the shoulders should be
nearly equal to but not greater than the
width of the hindquarters.  The
hindquarters should be broad, deep, well
rounded and well filled at the lower
portions.  The Holland is to be heavily
muscled, compact and well balanced in
length, width and depth.  A small, simple
dewlap is permitted in does.  
          Head (24 points):
When viewed from the front, the head is
to have good width and an extremely
short and well filled muzzle.  When
viewed from the side the head is round.  
The eye is to be bold and deep set.  The
head is to be massive in appearance and
set high and close to the shoulders.
          Ears (10 points):  
The ears should lop vertically on both
sides of the head from a strongly defined
and properly positioned crown.  The ears
should hang close to the cheeks with
openings turned towards the head.  
When viewed from the front, the outline
of the ears and crown should resemble
a horseshoe shape.  The ears should be
thick, well furred, wide and well rounded
at the tips.  The ears should hang just
behind the eyes and extend no more
than 1 inch below the jaw line.
    Bone, Feet & Legs (10 points):  
The legs are to be short, thick, straight
and heavily boned.  White toenails are
preferred on broken patterned Hollands.  
However, broken patterned Hollands will
not be disqualified for colored or
mismatched toenails.  
             Crown (8 points):
The crown should be a strongly defined
ridge consisting of both cartilage and
prominent, dense fur which appears to sit
on top of the head.  The crown should
wrap from just behind the top of the eye,
up over the top of the head, and down just
behind the top of the other eye.  Proper
side to side width of the crown allows the
ears to lop vertically.  
           Fur (7 points):  
The fur is to be glossy, dense, fine in
texture and uniform in length.  Fur should
be approximately 1 inch in length and is to
gradually roll back into normal position
when it is stroked from the hindquarters
to the shoulders.
       Condition (5 points):  
Hollands should have a definite
appearance of health and vigor.  They
should have a good coat, firmly set in the
pelt.  They should have firm flesh - neither
too fat (soft and flabby) or too thin (bony).
  Colorings & Markings (4 points):  
All colors should conform to one of the
recognized Holland Lop Color Guide